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What is Taylor Port Wine?

What is Taylor Port Wine?

What is Taylor Port Wine?

Port wine is a well-known drink loved by many and is recognized for its sweet taste and unique color. A silent type of fortified wine, it is generally made by adding a distilled grape spirit to regular wine, thus increasing its alcohol content and giving it a sweeter taste. Taylor Port Wine, in particular, is a popular variety created by the iconic British wine and spirits company Taylor Fladgate. It is beloved by wine lovers worldwide and is highly praised for its rich, bold flavor.

History of Taylor Port Wine

The British wine and spirits company Taylor Fladgate has been producing fortified wines since its founding in 1692. Their iconic Taylor Port Wine has a vibrant history that traces back to its Portuguese roots. In 1673, the Taylor family established a trading relationship with one of the largest Port wine producers in the Douro region of Portugal. By 1774, they had become one of the leading brands of tawny Port wine in England.

Since then, Taylor Port has gained immense popularity. The company has responsibly managed its estates and has pushed for improved production and aging methods, from airing and tasting the wines to managing the estates and vineyards to encourage sustainability and diversity. It has consistently produced vintage Port wines of outstanding quality.

Types of Taylor Port Wines

There are four main types of Taylor Port Wines: White, Ruby, Tawny, and Vintage.

White Port

White Port is often taken as a dessert or an aperitif. It is made with a blend of white grape varieties and is lighter in color and sweetness than other varieties. It is a versatile option because it can be served cold, chilled, or heated, depending on the occasion.

Ruby Port

Ruby Port blends traditional grapes with a deep, dark, and ruby-red color. It has an intense flavor, fresh fruit, and a sweetness balanced by some tannin. It is sociable on its own and is excellent for sipping or enjoying a meal.

Tawny Port

Tawny Port is created from mature grapes that are picked early and then aged in oak casks for five to fifty years. This process gives it a tawny, or nutty, color. It has a smooth but complex flavor, offers a balance between sweetness and the tannin of the oak, and has aromas of dried fruits and nuts.

Vintage Port

Vintage Port is made from a single harvest, and each bottle captures the nuances of the grapes used in that year. As it is aged in the bottle, it must be handled with particular care; it is an elegant wine with a long finish. It has a bright, full-bodied flavor and delicious notes of dark fruits.

How to Enjoy Taylor Port Wine

Taylor Port Wine is ideal for creating the perfect environment for social gatherings while embracing the joys of this classic fortified wine. There are a few things to consider to get the most out of this unique beverage.


White Port is typically served chilled, and Ruby, Tawny, and Vintage can all be served warm or cold. The ideal temperature for each variety varies, so it is best to refer to the label for instructions. Generally, the rule of thumb for serving port is to heat Vintage Port and Tawny Port but chill Ruby Port and White Port.


For maximum pleasure, please make sure also to use the correct glassware. Small crystal glasses are usually preferable for sipping Port, while larger tumblers with stems work best for a generous glass of Vintage Port.

Food Pairing

Port wine pairs well with rich, savory dishes, particularly dark chocolate, smoked meats, and aged cheeses. Its sweetness also makes it an ideal companion for desserts, with creamy puddings and blue cheese tarts being options for the adventurous.


Taylor Port Wine is a versatile fortified wine that pairs well with various foods and can be enjoyed in different forms. Its rich history and unique flavor make it a perfect drink for special occasions or casual gatherings with friends. With a rich and complex flavor, there is something to love about Taylor Port Wine for everyone.

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